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Over the last decade+, Dan Hartigan has built a portfolio of clients ranging from multi-million dollar corporations to independent musicians and artists. From start-up tech firms to yoga studios, real estate developers to chocolate companies, cannabis farms, and several others in between. 

At Hartigan Media, Dan has established himself as an essential yet affordable part of any business’ marketing budget.  Short-form social media-ready videos, story-boarded narrative music videos, stylized interview documentaries and instructional videos are just some of his many specialties. 

Personable and pragmatic, Dan is able to fully understand his client’s creative vision and implement the ideal strategies to complete their projects in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. He uses the most current, top of the line gear and tech - enabling him to produce the highest quality content and deliver it to his clients faster. . 

Dan Hartigan is from New York. He has lived in Hawaii, California, Colorado, and Arizona. He now lives in Virginia with his partner, Reida. They have a golden retriever, HoneyBear and a kitten, Ume. 



"If you are thinking of hiring someone to help you make videos, stop f@#$ing thinking and hire Dan!"

Stephen Christopher

Founder of Wit Digital

Film Equipment


Based In Floyd, Virginia

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